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How many times have you received your paper statement in the mail, put it aside, and not opened it until weeks or months later? So many of us check our accounts regularly online that we are well aware of our account balances before our paper statements arrive in the mail. If this describes you, consider enrolling in eStatements as a companion to other electronic services you may use.

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    eStatements arrive several days before paper statements. You’ll receive an email when your eStatement is ready for viewing.
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    View the last 15 months of statements in PDF format, or save statements to your computer for future use – either way you’ll reduce your paper storage.
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    View images of your cleared checks within a statement.
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    Electronic versions of Shared Interests newsletters and statement notifications are also available with your eStatements.

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Enroll in eStatements

Protect Against Identity Theft

When you go paperless, you reduce your risk of identity theft. Since you access eStatements behind Internet Banking’s secure login, no one can access your account information by intercepting your mail or going through your recycling.

Personal eStatements

Additional Help for Managing eStatements

  • Once you enroll in eStatements, you will no longer receive paper statements in the mail. It is not possible to receive both eStatements and paper statements.
  • For tax purposes, print and retain your December 31 year-end member statement.
  • To stop receiving eStatements and resume getting paper statements, within Internet Banking, simply click "Preferences" from the user menu within eStatements. At the bottom of the page, click the slider next to "Paper Delivery". The slider will slide to the right to indicate that you have turned Paper Delivery back on. You are unable to unenroll in eStatements through Mobile Banking.

Useful Resource

Account aggregation functionality along with Savings Goals & Budgeting Tools within Internet Banking & Mobile Banking help you gain better insights into your financial health and how you are managing your money.

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